Aggressive tooth brushing and gum disease are two leading reasons why gum tissue recedes and roots become exposed. Exposed roots may be sensitive to temperature change, vulnerable to decay, and associated with loss of supporting bone. Gum recession and exposed roots can lead to the following problems.

  • Decrease in esthetics

  • Increase in root sensitivity

  • Loss of supporting bone

  • Increase in plaque build-up

  • Risk of future recession

One method of recession therapy requires a piece of tissue be retrieved from the roof of your mouth to serve as the graft material.  Another approach involves using donor tissue which is extensively screened and tested for the presence of diseases.   This tissue undergoes processing procedures to ensure that the tissue is totally safe before release for patient treatment.

Post operative instructions can vary for each patient and will be discussed by Dr. Kiel.  Instructions include:

  • Antibiotics prescribed to limit inflammation

  • Medication prescribed to manage post operative pain

  • Mouthrinse prescribed to clean surgical site

  • Surgical site should be left undisturbed

  • Tooth brushing and chewing should be avoided at the surgical site

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